The Hendoc's Pub Story

It started in 2003 when two brothers decided to open a bar at 2387 N. High St., on the northern strip of The Ohio State University campus. What was formerly known as Dow's on High became Hendoc's Pub, immediately providing safe haven for just about everyone on North Campus looking to trade the meat market scene for good company, great beer, and fantastic music. From the beginning, everyone's been magnetically drawn to three things: the drink specials board, the import/seasonal beer cooler, and the Internet jukebox (provided by WK Music Vending). It's simply one of the best Ohio State campus bars.

To be honest, the drink specials at Hendoc's Pub are a little ridiculous. $2.50 imports and seasonals like Young's Double Chocolate Stout, select beers from Great Lakes Brewing Company, and Boddington's allow you to enjoy your discerning taste without breaking the bank. $1 PBR drafts leave plenty of room in your pocket for a round of $2 bombs for the crew, letting you look like a hero without your tab having too many zeroes.

Music is the greatest source of conversation, debate, and arguments here at Hendoc's. Whether it's "Kings of Leon sold out" or "Jay-Z's lost his edge", "Santogold's better than M.I.A." or "Who is Passion Pit and why is this song stuck in my head already?", the jukebox plays an original soundtrack to our lives each and every night. If you don't leave Hendoc's Pub without experiencing a song you've never heard, you weren't paying attention. Either that, or you come here way too much (is there such a thing?).

The bottom line is that no matter what job you have, no matter what you drink, no matter what you listen to, Hendoc's Pub is the spot for you. The only question is, "Why Aren't You Here?"

Hendoc's Pub | 2387 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43202 | (614) 297-1217

www.Hendocs.com | www.TheThirstyEar.com